With in-depth industry knowledge and the ability to provide exclusive certification course program and facilitate positive transformation, we at ‘GELSEY EDUTECH ACADEMY PVT LTD’, envision creation of sustainable intrinsic growth for people and organizations at every step. Our uninhibited approach of providing GELSEY EDUTECH ACADEMY PVT LTD Training certification courses enables candidates to be more adaptable to the environments. We hone their skills to evolve into high value players in the industry.  


To be a leading solution provider for TRAINING & EMPLOYMENT, trusted by both the JOB SEEKER and the EMPLOYER.     


To help each individual to have within reach, high quality and affordable vocational training and make them employable individuals, thus making a significant small contribution in building a robust nation.     


  1. Ownership and Accountability of our action every day. 
  2. Demonstrating high levels of integrity and compliance with all our business processes, systems, policies and governance. 
  3. Recognizing and empathizing with the needs of the students and the recruiters. 
  4. Contributing as a team player to deliver outstanding shared results. 
  5. Continuously learn, adapt and grow.  


In 2009, we undertook our first project for a major telecom company. We were tasked with training 2,000+ people, in 70 business locations across the country. We’ve since created solutions for many Global Fortune 500 Companies in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Malawi. We’ve undertaken 500+ projects all of which differ vastly in content, extent and complexity. It’s our skills development process which remains constant.       


In our team, we have subject matter experts from various walks of life; their core objective is not really to share what they know but to understand what is actually needed, then devise methods to genuinely fulfil it. With the best and progressive mind-set, Customer centric and with an unstinting zeal to 'outperform' it is certain that we can create 'True Value' for our Partners, Customers and Benefactors.