If you tell an adult something, often they’ll smile and soon forget. If they discover something for themselves, there’s a good chance that they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. This new found knowledge and skill is more likely to be retained and applied. We base our skills development training methods on this principle. Back in 2008, we discovered that by visually mapping learning content and crafting discovery-based activities around this; we were able to facilitate faster learning. 

With in-depth industry knowledge and the ability to provide exclusive program and facilitate positive transformation, we at ‘GELSEY EDUTECH ACADEMY PVT LTD’, envision creation of sustainable intrinsic growth for people and organizations at every step. 

In our team, we have subject matter experts from various walks of life; their core objective is not really to share what they know but to understand what is actually needed, then devise methods to genuinely fulfil it. With the best and progressive mind-set, Customer centric and with an unstinting zeal to 'outperform' it is certain that we can create 'True Value' for our Partners, Customers and Benefactors.

We have an advisory board which comprises of leading Educationist, Career Coaches and Corporate Top Management personnel of repute.